Why “diversity” is tearing our country apart

With all the hoopla, publicity and “political correctness” about celebrating “diversity” my one simple question is “What’s wrong with celebrating unity?” The answer is actually quite simple. The politicians and special interest groups learned a long time ago that as long as you keep the population divided, keep everyone concerned about and micro-focused on their own little special interest, no one will be watching the “big picture”. The politicians and SI groups can do pretty much whatever they want and there will be no one to present a united front to stop them.

The biggest fear all politicians have is that eventually someone will actually be paying attention to what the politicians and bureaucrats are doing and mount an organized opposition movement to stop it. THIS  is what causes politicians to lose sleep at night, someone watching them like they’re watching us.

As long as the politicians, special interest groups and multinational corporations continue to shove “diversity” down our throats as the “right” thing, the “fair” thing, the  “AMERICAN”  thing to do, we will never be able to present a “UNITED”  front to stop them from destroying our country.

Being proud of who you are or where you come from is a wonderful thing but the politicians have perverted diversity and it’s meaning as a way to get what they want without having to explain or defend their positions.


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