Why politicians are un-American and hypocrites to boot.

My own opinion of professional politicians is so low, it’s almost in the minus column. They are just below lawyers in my….oh, wait! MOST politicians ARE lawyers. No wonder I think most of them suck.

If you have been paying any attention at all to the way things are going in Washington lately, you probably have come to the same conclusion I have. There is nothing “going” in DC. This can be laid directly in the lap of our politicians.

This has NOTHING  to do with Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or any other party affiliation. What it does have everything to do with is the unearned sense of “entitlement” that just about every politician seems to have.

The typical politician doesn’t care one bit about his or her constituents, they also don’t care one bit about this great country. Let me restate that, these professional politicians DON’T CARE  one bit about our country. All they are concerned with is 1) Getting elected, 2) Getting re-elected, 3) Keeping all the perks that come with their position, and most important, 4) What’s in it for me?.

From the day a politician is first elected, their ONE AND ONLY  driving force is to stay in office….at any price! To this end they will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING to keep getting reelected. To them, their constituents are just an ends to a means, nothing more. Everything is approached from the stand point of  “Will this help get me reelected?” not from the point of “Is this the best decision for the country?”

Politicians look at “family” and “religion” as props, only there to boost the chance of them getting reelected. How many times have we seen politicians parade their family before the cameras or boast about there religious affiliations only to be caught in severely compromising situations, on tape and or on camera. Then what do they do? They bring out the props, the loving family, the loving and supportive wife, to be paraded before the press and cameras. The “loving” wife stands up and talks of how “he is a good man, a loving father and I’ll support him and believe in him regardless”. Why,  you ask? Again, the answer is simple. She has become as intoxicated with the prestige and power as her husband and will do anything to keep it. Love and politics have nothing to do with each other.

The decision making process has also been corrupted by this attitude. The typical citizen no longer has a voice, a say in what goes on in Washington, DC. It has been smothered by the corrupt lobbying system that now, along with huge amounts of corporate money, wields all the power.

This is also why “we” have an insatiable spending habit. The politicians are spending our grand children’s financial future all so they can stay in their position, comfortably insulated from the real problems that the average person has to deal with everyday of their lives.

Most people in Congress arrived there rich, only to multiply their wealth once they get how the “system” works. The few that didn’t arrive wealthy seem to do very, very well in short order.

So yeah, I think the self-serving politicians are both UN-American and hypocrites. Unfortunately I don’t see things changing anytime soon. The only people who can make the changes are the same ones who benefit from things staying just the way they are.

There are no more “Mr. Smiths” going to Washington.


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