Who’s being greedy?

I have a question. It’s something that has been bothering me for a little while, ever since this “fair share, 1%, redistribute the wealth” campaign was started by Mr. Obama (I refuse to refer to him as President Obama because he doesn’t deserve the respect that office commands).

My question? Who is being greedy? To hear the administration or the PR people that represent them and act as their front men, it’s the “evil” 1%. Everything is their fault, we are where we are, you are where you are all because of the incredible greed and indifference that the “1%” display.

I will be the first to admit that there is an “unfair” distribution of wealth in this country (the world, actually) but who said life is fair? It’s not.

Some of the 1% inherited their fortune, some worked very hard for it, others don’t do much and just “luck” into it and a few got it through dishonesty.

The majority of people who are going to have their wealth “redistributed” are hard working small business owners who provide products or services, create jobs and work to build that business.

These are the evil, greedy people that deserve to have what they’ve worked hard to build taken away from them and “redistributed” to more deserving people. People who are disadvantaged because they’re black, they don’t have papers, they weren’t given a fair chance, they aren’t smart enough, the government hasn’t done enough, I have so many tattoos no one will hire me, on and on, ad infinitum .

So who is really being greedy? The individual who worked hard and provides other people jobs and income or is it the people like the woman in the video below. It gets to my point at 2:18

At 0:44 she blames social services for her problems. Her real problem is not keeping her legs together!

Religion or not, she’s an excellent argument for birth control!


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