I don’t like guns!

That being said, I have no use for guns or rifles, never owned one and probably never will. However,  just because I feel that way doesn’t mean that someone who does like firearms shouldn’t be allowed to posses them.

There are too many “knee jerk” reactions to the recent tragedies. Everyone is clamoring for MORE gun CONTROL, ban semi-automatic weapons, limit magazine size, and on and on.

I have many problems with this. First, Rahm Emanuel has been quoted as saying “never let a disaster go to waste”. The administration has taken this and run with it. Mr. Obama and many others are using Sandy Hook and other recent mass shootings purely to advance their political agenda. They see this tragedy as a case of serendipity. Piers Morgan has latched onto this to try and boost his ratings which are in the dumps. He has to do something, if his show is cancelled he might have to move back to England.

All the pros and cons that are being thrown around seem, with good reason to focus on the second amendment. I have seen many interpretations of the amendment recently so I might as well add mine to the fray.

If the government could ABSOLUTELY guarantee that ALL firearms were confiscated. I mean everything, rifles, handguns, “assault weapons”, flintlocks, zip guns, blunder buss’, museum collections, EVERYTHING from both law abiding citizens AND the criminal element so there is absolutely no chance of being a victim of gun violence we would STILL NEED the second amendment. In my view, the second amendment isn’t aimed at personal protection. It’s purpose is to protect the citizens from a tyrannical government.

If you fool yourself into thinking this could never happen here just look to Germany, Italy, Spain, Cuba and on and on. The first thing, the VERY first thing a tyrant does is disarm the citizens. We NEED the second amendment to protect us from the government.

No good legislation has ever come from haste or a “knee jerk” reaction. Mr. Obama is now unfettered by the constraints a run for a second terms entails, he has won a second term. You will now see the REAL Obama come out, pushing his true agenda on the citizens. If he can’t do it by votes, he’ll do it by executive order. It will be “his way” period!

Despite all the rhetoric, speeches, political “tears” shed, photo ops taken, Mr. Obama has taken this tragedy and politically run with it.

For Mr. Obama, Sandy Hook was an early Christmas present!


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