It’s depressing

Every time I watch TV or listen to the radio it seems like the government is bending over backwards trying to figure out ways to give  away our tax dollars, something that we have precious few of now.

Instead of rewarding states for signing up more welfare/foodstamp recipients, we should be weening the population off of welfare and foodstamps. Sadly, I know this will never happen. The politicians are using welfare and other “freebies” to legally buy votes, all the while whining about how social security and other entitlement programs are going to bankrupt America.

A couple of things, first, we already ARE BANKRUPT. The politicians just won’t say it. Second, unlike welfare and food stamps, social security isn’t an entitlement program. People have paid into social security their entire working life.

We need to reduce welfare payments every year for every recipient untill it reaches “zero”, close the welfare roles, no new recipients. The same goes for the food stamp program.

Unlike the politicians would like you to believe, the social security program is not the huge drain on government funds they make it out to be! The reason social security is on the brink of insolvency is because politicians have continually raided the social security trust fund, using that money, money that legally is untouchable for anything but ss bennefits,to balance the Federal budget. If this were the private sector, a lot of people could face jail time.

The government is doing EVERYTHING POSSIBLE  to turn us into a “nanny state”, a place where we are beholding to those in power to supply us with everything THEY  think we deserve.

The direction this country is taking really depresses me more and more. I was brought up believing that you needed to work for a living. The harder you worked, the more you were rewarded for your efforts. If you didn’t want to work, you were a “bum” and that was on you. It wasn’t society’s fault you’re lazy and it wasn’t society’s place to support your lazy ass. Now things have turned 180 degrees and we’re raising a generation of “sheeple” who believe it’s the governments responsibility to raise, support and provide for them from cradle to grave.

The great country that we once were, the one the world looked to for guidance has been sold down the river, sacrificed by short sighted, greedy, arrogant and aloof politicians who’s one and only concern is what’s in it for them.

That is so incredibly selfish that it almost goes beyond belief, but we see the results of that attitude everyday, just look around.




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