Don’t you just “love” Al Gore

For a long time I’ve looked at Al Gore as a “supreme hypocrite” and he pretty much backs up my belief every time he opens his mouth or does just about…….well, anything.

He goes around the world preaching the dangers of global warming, how “we” must reduce carbon emissions, cut down on greenhouse gases and on and on. I have several issues with his preaching environmental doctrine. He would be more credible if one, he didn’t fly around the world to all these conferences and meetings in a private jet and two, he didn’t head a company that makes millions of dollars a year trading “carbon credits” These are free passes for businesses that allow companies to continue to pollute while doing nothing to solve the root problem.

I would like to see what his personal “carbon footprint” is, it’s probably enormous!

Another area where he proves his hypocrisy is in politics, It’s amazing how he “excuses” his political arrogance by intertwining it with his ecological doctrine.

Several years ago he started “Current TV”, it was supposed to be a progressive network. Well, the only thing progressive about it were the ratings, progressively worse and progressively deeper and deeper in the toilet.

Gore decided to bail and sell the network, Who did he sell it to? Al-jazera ! In case you don’t know it, that’s the Arab network that, in my opinion, is a mouthpiece for Middle East radicals. Gore reportedly turned down Glenn Beck’s offer on philosophical grounds.

And how did Gore justify the sale? He claims Al-jazera has a better record on reporting environmental and ecological stories and are more environmentally pro-active.

I’m sure the $100 million he reportedly pocketed from the sale had absolutely nothing to do with his decision.

I really get tired of these professional “do gooders” with their “in-your-face” attitude  TELLING me how I should live my life all the while  raking in millions of dollars for themselves.


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