I guess I’m not smart enough

When it comes to life and how to live it, I guess I’m not smart enough to make my own decisions, my own choices. At least that’s the way the government sees it, and it’s not just me, it’s all of us.

When I look back in history I’m absolutely amazed the the human race managed to survive for tens of millions of years without OSHA, the EPA, the NTSB  and on and on.

When I was a kid our family would go on vacation trips by car, I remember fighting with my older sister on who would get to lay on the package tray in the rear window instead of having to sit on the rear seat. If a parent allowed that today they would be thrown in jail for “child endangerment”.  Seat belts? Shoulder harnesses? Padded dash? Those were options, not standard, and very few people ordered them. Air bags? didn’t exist! But guess what? I managed to survive, so did my sister. And so did tens of millions of other people but now here comes the government and their safety regulations. Some are good, others (most) are not well thought out. The newest one, require all new vehicles to have back-up cameras. Why? Because a handful of people are injured or killed each year when a car backs over them. I just don’t see the cost/benefit of this regulation. Tens of millions of dollars in costs passed onto the new car purchaser for an accident that is rare. If these people were genuinely interested in public safety why not require breathalyzer ignition interlocks on all new vehicles? It would cost less than back-up cameras and save more lives.

The government is slowly, incrementally taking away our freedoms by becoming more and more controlling of our everyday lives. This is all governments, Federal, state and local. The Federal government even wants to dictate what kind of light bulbs you can use. I personally don’t like the light that florescent lighting emits, I like incandescent but in the very near future I won’t have a choice. On a local level we have water restrictions even when there is no drought. Some areas wood burning fireplaces are now illegal.

I know I’m kind of rambling right now but I get so disgusted when I look at the whole picture, how the government is, for no good reason, intruding into the most mundane parts of our lives. Why? Power and control, that’s the only reason. It’s definitely NOT for our own good and it’s definitely not something that’s wanted or needed.  Mark my word, unless things change, in the very near future the government will be telling us what we can and can’t eat, what we can and can’t do, what kind and type of personal risk we can engage in. Skydiving? Nope, too dangerous. Hunting? Nope, you might get shot. Racing? Nope, you might wreck. Scuba diving…..well, you get the picture.

What I’m saying is there is risk associated with anything. Life itself is a risk. Everyday when you get out of bed you take risks. The government is trying to convince the people that, through regulation and control, you will be able to live a life free of risks. It’s just not going to happen and no amount of rules and regulations are going to change that.


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