Freebies and the “disadvantaged”

Every day I go by a brand new facility in a town just south of where I live and it burns my ass every time I pass.

It’s a new medical facility to provide FREE medical care to the “disadvantaged” citizens. I get really frustrated because as I go by, I see a parking lot filled with nice, late model cars.

I would like to know why I pay thousands of dollars a year for health insurance and pay thousands of dollars more to cover the deductibles. Then pay taxes (again, in the thousands) every year to help pay for these peoples freeloading?

I don’t feel sorry for these people one bit. They are NOT disadvantaged. They are leaches used to getting a free ride and they have the unmitigated gall to demand more.

What’s going to happen when the producers, the people who work hard to support the “free ride” run out of money? It will happen eventually, it has to. More and more people are being convinced by the government that they deserve more, no need to work for it, you’re “entitled” to more stuff. Don’t worry, “someone else” will have to pay for it, not you.

Another item along the same line, look at your phone bill, you’ll find one of the “fees and taxes” listed is the “Universal Access Fee”. Do you even know what this is? I do. It’s a fee to cover the cost of giving every low life leach who wants one a free cell phone.

This program was originally for land lines so people could call 911 for emergencies, fine. Even though these are often referred to as “Obama phones”, I believe it was actually Bill Clinton that decided to include cell phones, but the point is now it’s more than a “life line” that is used for emergencies only. If you qualify for the free phone it comes with free minutes and free texts. The thinking is, you need a phone to be able to look for work. That’s a joke! These phones can be used for anything the holder wants. And I’ll bet, to the vast majority of them, looking for work is at the bottom of their list of “things to do today”.

So, while I pay several hundred dollars a year for my phones, these freeloaders are getting theirs for free.

And I don’t even get a “thank you”.


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