Chicken Little and the sequester

I’m sure all of you, when you were little children, heard the story of “Chicken Little”. If you didn’t, don’t worry, all you have to do is look to the White House to see the updated 21st century version.

To hear Mr. Obama (aka Chicken Little) tell it, the world is going to come crashing down around us, destroying everything, all because of the sequester.

Hundreds of thousands of people will be denied medical care, tens of thousands of parents will have to find alternative daycare, police, firefighters, first responders will be furloughed, district attorneys will be releasing thousands of criminals because they don’t have the money to prosecute them and on, and on, ad nauseum.

This is ALL political grandstanding. To be blunt and direct to the point, Mr. Obama is LYING to the American people trying to scare them, all to advance his political agenda.

It’s really pathetic to see someone who is supposed to be a leader resort to such scare tactics. Does he, or his handlers, think we are that stupid? If they do, that doesn’t say much for our “leadership”.

All of this “fear and scare campaign” stems from the sequester that goes into effect today. And it is all over a lousey 2.4% spending “cut”. I put the word “cut” in quotes because in the real world it’s not a cut, it’s less of an increase. Only in Washington would that be considered a cut.

I, and just about anyone else not involved in government employment, would have no problem cutting 2-3% from a budget. And I mean a real cut, not less of an increase. And the world would not come to an end in the process.

As I recall, just last month, the average American family had to do just that. Everyone’s paycheck was cut 2% across the board when a Bush era tax break expired.

The government had no problem telling the American people to “suck it up”, “deal with it”. However, now the shoe is on the other foot. The government is faced with a 2% less of an increase. Low and behold!! We’re all doomed! Yeah, right!

Instead of all the imminent chaos and tragedy that the White House is forecasting, all the Draconian cuts that will have to be implemented, ones designed to inflict the most pain on the American public, why not do this? It would be painless (at least to the public, not so much to the ruling elite). First, Mr. Obama and Michelle, QUIT taking vacations every other week. When you do go, go together, to the same destination. Next, Joe Biden, Mr blue collar, everyman. Quit using a Boeing 757 every weekend to fly from DC to Delaware so you can play golf! This is a half hour flight that so far has cost the American taxpayer over 4 million dollars…..all so you can play golf. Yeah, you’re a REAL blue collar, guy next door.

And all the “conferences” that the government holds. Last year it was over eight hundred conferences were held at a cost of over 342 million dollars. What is accomplished at these conferences? Nothing! They are meetings designed to make the employees feel better about themsleves. They DON’T need to spend millions of dollars to do this, the people should feel better about themselves just knowing they HAVE jobs. That’s something that a lot of Americans can’t say.

But none of this will happen simply because it would inconvenience the people who make the rules. And those will be the LAST people to feel the discomfort of the sequester. These are the people who, in their minds, RULE us. It’s up to us to feel the hurt, not them. That’s OUR job.


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