OMG! The sky is still here!

Well, I got up this morning and much to my surprise the world hadn’t come to an end. My first clue? I woke up.  The sky was still overhead and hadn’t fallen.

Mr. “chicken little” Obama was wrong after all, what a surprise that one was.

I drove by a fire station, the firemen were checking out their fire engine, I saw several police cars with the officers doing their jobs,  a local emergency response station was still functioning with the paramedics checking out their vehicle. A local park was still open and there were several families enjoying a nice day. Today is Saturday so I won’t be able to tell if any schools or day cares had to close down. And, so far, I haven’t heard of any planes falling from the skies.

Guess Mr. Obama LIED to the American people, AGAIN!

He takes “Drama Queen” to a whole new level.

Just a thought, maybe the first round of layoffs should be in Congress!


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