Blank check, the sequester’s best use

Well, now that government employees realize that the world didn’t end over the weekend I’m sure that most of them are now trying to figure out how this can be used to their advantage.

The sequester will be like someone who quits their job, you know, the guy who quits and now, for the next six months, everything that goes wrong is his fault. Same with the sequester, Mr. Obama, or his minions, will be blaming anything and everything that goes wrong on the sequester. And seeing as Mr. Obama blames the sequester on the republicans, anything that goes wrong is, by proxy, their fault.

We really need to see about replacing EVERYBODY in Congress, republicans, democrats, libertarians, independents, everybody.

They have proven time and again that they are all incompetent, out of touch with reality and plain, just don’t care about this country or it’s people. One example of incompetence bordering on stupidity is Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Ca, It figures!) Said today the the sequester is going to cost 170 million jobs. That would truly be the end of the world because there are only 155 million working people in the US.

Another little tidbit about how congress is so arrogant. Guess who’s salaries are protected from any cuts? Any guesses? Anyone? Yup, you are correct, Members of Congress’ salaries are off limits when it comes to cuts, gee, What a surprise.


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