LOOK OUT above!

Well, today I am embarrassed and ashamed to admit I’m an American citizen!

I kept saying if Obama was reelected we would see his “TRUE” colors. Today, again, they are showing through, only this time it could be fatal for anyone!

Today the Obama administration went to the justice department (AKA Eric Holder, AKA Obama’s lap dog) for a “clarification” and of course Eric Holder said sure, no problem. What was the “clarification”? According to Eric Holder it is perfectly legal and Mr. Obama has the authority to order drone attacks on American citizens on American soil WITHOUT the “formality” of due process! He says it would have to be extraordinary circumstances and he doesn’t see it happening but why do I not believe him? Probably because of all the other patently false statements and outright lies that have been coming out of the White House.

So now Mr. Obama can send a drone out to blow granny out of her wheelchair and there’s nothing to stop him. He won’t let a little thing like the constitutional guarantee of due process get in the way.

I never thought I’d see the day where the government can “execute” an American citizen without a trial, without a guilty verdict, without even being arrested!

Sean Hannity, if I were you, I’d be looking up!


2 thoughts on “LOOK OUT above!

  1. If you’re so ashamed to be an American citizen, why do you still live in the United States? If it’s such a drag for you, why not head south to Cuba? Or north to Canada? Or maybe even Australia? Down there you could fade into the outback with the dingos and not have to worry about government

    • There’s no way I’m ashamed to be an American citizen. I love this country. It’s the idiots and ideologues that are running it into the ground I don’t like.
      If you don’t like my opinions, don’t read them.

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