Obama’s SECRET taxes, they’re already here.

Have any of you bought any sporting equipment lately? If you have, look closely at your receipt. I don’t know about the other major sporting goods retailers but if you’re shopping at Cabela’s you’re in for a rude, if somewhat honest, awakening. You’re going to find a “medical device” tax listed.

A big thumb’s up to Cabela’s. The government wants the tax to be “hidden”, lumped in with the other tax on the receipt but Cabela’s refused and is listing it as a separate line item.

Right now you’re probably going whoa, what medical device? I bought a fishing rod. Well guess what, go to IRS.gov and look up chapter 5 of publication 510. This covers what is covered by the medical sales tax. Here are some of the “devices” that are now subject to the “medical sales tax” provision of “OBAMACARE”: sport fishing equipment, fishing rods and fishing poles, electric outboard motors, tackle boxes, bows, quivers, broadheads and points, arrow shafts, coal, taxable tires, gas guzzler cars and vaccines.

With the exception of the vaccines, what the HELL does any of these other items have to do with medical devices, medicine, health care or anything else related to Obamacare?

We have definitely been lied to (AGAIN!), deceived and misled by Obama.


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