Is it fair?

This is going back a few months to the campaigns leading up to the last election.

The first time he ran, I voted for Mr. Obama. The second time he ran, I voted against Mr. Obama. Here are the reasons why: 1) He is not a leader, he’s a ruler. 2) His vision of America is not the same as mine. 3) He has no credibility on the world stage. 4) He apparently has a total lack of understanding of sound economic principals.

You’ll note, there’s nothing to do with race, nothing! Yet, when the campaign was in full swing I kept hearing Obama supporters spouting off that if you’re white and you vote against Obama, you’re a RACIST!

This question is directed at the same people who were running around saying that to any television camera that was pointed in their direction.

Of the 97.7% of the blacks that voted FOR Obama. How many do you think voted for him BECAUSE he’s black?

Is it anymore “racist” to vote against someone because of their color than it is to vote FOR someone for the same reason?

You can’t have it both ways. Face it, if you voted for Obama because he’s black, guess what, You’re a racist!


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