Blame the messenger!

Yesterday Donald Trump had a rally in San Jose, CA. Needless to say, there was a little “unrest” outside.

“Protestors” (they really should be called what they are, rioters) caused all kinds of violent disruption, assaulting Trump supporters, vandalizing private property,  burning the American Flag, waving mexican (lower case “M” intentional!) flags, shouting “Fuck Donald Trump” and “America was never great”.

First, if America was never great, why are tens of thousands of Mexicans sneaking across the border every year? I don’t see many Americans sneaking across the border into Mexico.

Second, these people are Hillary supporters? Kind of says it all about her and the people that she’s courting and counting on to get her elected. The ones who want, expect, and demand a “free ride” And she’ll be more than happy to oblige if she gets elected.

I think it’s really strange how these rioters think that it’s perfectly okay for them to act like they do.all the while screaming that Trump will be bad for the country. He may be bad for them and their “free ride” but, the way I see it. Trump is just what this country needs at this point in time.

They’re hollering that Trump will tear the country apart when the only tearing apart I see is caused by them. It reminds me of the schoolyard bully punching the kid in the face all the while saying”Look what you’re making me do”.

Hillary supporters are the lowest rung on the ladder when it comes to civilized, or in their case, uncivilized protest. How many pro-Trump supporters do you see at Hillary or Bernie rallies causing disruption and violence? NONEThat’s because the “right” believes that you should be able to express your opinion, hold rallies, even protest without fear of being attacked for what you say or believe in. The “left” believes the same thing…as long as you agree with them. For them, freedom of speech is a one way street.

And how did the San Jose police department respond? Basically they kinda shuffled their feet, looked around at the sky, whistled a little bit, and “gee look at the time”. So their incredibly lame response was to do almost nothing.

And San Jose’s mayor’s response was even more deplorable. He basically blamed Trump for the violence.

It’s easy to see who the mayor supports.





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