Talk about hypocrisy, Clinton mastered it!

I got this in my E-mail. It’s from the “Stone Zone”.

I’ve heard about this scandal before and it baffles my why, with as much controversy that’s being made about “Trump U”, more isn’t being said about the Clinton’s own scandal. Maybe it’s because there are sooooo many to chose from, the people who report on stuff like this don’t know where to start. Or maybe they’re just trying to hide something for the Clintons.

The StoneZONE

photo: Bill and Hillary

By Roger Stone

Hillary Clinton took to Twitter last Wednesday to call Trump University “a fraudulent scheme used to prey upon those who could least afford it.” This is what Jackie Mason would call Chutzpah, because the Clintons have a ‘University scandal” of their own and it’s magnitude dwarfs Trump U.

The Clinton Global Initiative joint venture with Laureate Education, a shaky for-profit chain of schools ,to create CGI-University is the final step in an incredible predatory stock deal. Laureate Education deal used high-pressure boiler room tactics and the credibility of a former President to rack up $750 million of debt on students while running a $457 Million debt at the same Bill Clinton was taking lavish but hidden compensation from Laureate while Hillary’s State Department was lavishing $150 million on the chain of for profit schools that has less than a 50% graduation rate and a high drop-out rate.

Forbes Magazine reported that Laureate “induces students to incur massive tuition debt to attend a school with no academic reputation and virtually no standards for admission other than the ability to pay.” Who was preying upon those who could least afford it?


Read This And More At: STONEZONE

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