The missing “It’s Been A While” post

A few weeks ago, when I started posting again after a looong absence, I wrote a long post that I thought was really good (of course I think all of my posts are good) and when I went to publish it, I messed up somewhere and the post, I thought, was lost, so I went back and tried to write it again from memory.

This usually doesn’t go well, you can never rewrite something that “flowed” from your mind. It’s never as good or complete.

Well, it didn’t disappear completely, I found the draft, so I’m going to publish it here so you can see what I was originally thinking when I started publishing again.

Here it is:

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything new here. My apologies to my loyal fan(s).

I’ve felt that we, as a country and society, have been on a downward slope for several decades and once Obama was elected it was no longer a slope, but we drove over the cliff. The “good ol’ boy”, political elite system was going full steam, nothing was going to stop it. The “average Joe” no longer had a voice, we were “servants” not citizens.

The system had become so corrupt that an ordinary man on the street has no say in decisions that will affect his and his families lives. All this “politically correct” bullshit had gotten out of control. We have become the “United States of the Offended”.

And then along comes “The Donald”. Do I think he’s the best man for the job? No. Do I think he’s better than anyone else running? Absolutely.

I like the fact that he’s not “politically correct” in the least. He says what he feels and doesn’t apologize or have some “spokesperson” go on stage whining that “it was taken out of context”, or he was “misquoted”.

I also like that he is pretty much self-funding his campaign.and won’t be beholding to the big money lobbyists on K street. The one big flaw in that is, while he won’t be beholding, he’ll have to deal with 535 professional politicians who are, and always will be, beholding to the big monied special interst groups. That’s where “the art of the deal” will come in. Donald Trump has a proven track record of being able to make deals happen. This is the exact opposite of Obama, who’s idea of compromise is, it’s my way or nothing, or I have a pen, I’ll do what I want.

Now that we are heading into the 2016 election, I am backing Donald Trump for president. I have absolutely nothing against a woman being president, just not that woman.

Hillary Clinton is a lying, self-centered, egotistical, out of touch with reality, iconoclast who thinks she deserves to be president. She, like the other Clinton, has no shame, you can’t embarrass her, no matter what.

Donald Trump is really shaking things up politically. To see how scared he’s making the political machine, all you have to do is look at what the Republican party has done/is doing to Trump.

They fought tooth and nail to prevent him from getting to 1237 delegates, throwing roadblocks and fighting him every step of the way, to the point of backing Ted Cruz, who the GOP didn’t like either, but they disliked him less than they disliked (hated) Trump so they threw all their support behind him. Well, that didn’t work.

The problem is, the party, and the political elites see Donald Trump as a severe threat to their way of life, their “power” and they are going to do whatever it takes to stay in power, keep their hand picked cronies in office and to not rock the political boat. Donald Trump isn’t going to rock the political boat, he’s going to blow a hole in it and sink it, and the powers that be are terrified that this is going to happen.

The American people now have a voice that’s being heard, even though they’ve thrown everything they can at us to keep us silent.

You can see how bad it is (for them), now that they can’t deny the obvious, they’re doing everything they can (still) to prevent him from becoming President.

The powers that be are so determined to stop him, they would rather see Hillary Clinton elected because if she wins, the Republican/Democrat power elite win. Why? Because if Hillary Clinton is elected President, nothing changes. The special interest/lobbyists/big money, will still have their way. While the Republican party won’t be in the White House, their treasured way of life and power/profit will stay in place. A side benefit is now they can blame the Democrats for everything that goes wrong.

For both the Democrat and Republican party elites, the ones who feel they are untouchable and are entitled, they win and we, the people lose.

If Donald Trump wins, the power elite on both sides lose and the American people win.

Sounds like a good deal to me.



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