When are enough lies, enough?

This is a fund raiser I received today. Normally I wouldn’t post it but read it to the end. When Obama and his cronies are rewriting history, enough is enough.

By deleting any reference to Islam or jihad in the Orlando 9-1-1  calls they are doing just that, denying the truth and trying to rewrite history to suite/match their agenda.

I got additional confirmation directly  from the horse’s ass, uh, I mean the horse’s mouth, AG Loretta Lynch today on “Meet the Press”.

When asked what was being left out of the transcript, Lynch responded by saying that it will not help to “further proclaim this individual’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups and further his propaganda.”

Like I said “Straight from the horse’s ass.”

WE HAVE TO STOP THIS MADNESS! or the America we love and grew up in will no longer exist…..THANKS OBAMA!

It is time we unite as a country against those that wish us harm. We need leaders that will fight our enemies. We must not allow political correctness to stop us from defeating radical Islamists that want to destroy our way of life!



Evil reared its head in Orlando last week. Americans enjoying a night out were faced with unspeakable carnage as Omar Mateen killed 50 people in the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11.

Even with overwhelming evidence that the killer supported ISIS and claimed allegiance to Islamic terrorism, liberals led by the White House and Hillary Clinton blame guns and American culture for the crime of a Muslim terrorist.

President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Democrats all over the country continue to blame “gun culture”, “Republicans” and the “NRA” for the attack. Just this morning on the Sunday talk shows – AG Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and others refused to even say radical Islam was a part of the attack. They all blamed guns, Donald Trump’s proposed Muslim ban and pushed gun control. 

We released this video ad in 2014 and helped defeat liberal Senators, but it is more important than ever right now. Americans must know the dangers we face from jihadists and how Obama, Hillary and the Democrats refuse to see it and continue to put Americans in danger. Remember President Obama once called ISIS “the jayvee team” and said “they are contained to the Mideast” before ISIS attacked Europe and now America. 

Watch the video here and please help us spread awareness about this issue.


Hillary doesn’t want Americans to see this ad. She was by Obama’s side the entire time he allowed ISIS to grow while ignoring any connection to radical Islam. Hillary calls “Republicans my number one enemy” and in the same interview says “Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism.”

Hillary takes hundreds of millions of dollars for her Clinton Foundation from Muslim countries that support terrorism. Saudi Arabia. Qatar. These countries that help ISIS kill “infidels” at the same time enrich the Clintons with millions of dollars. 

Americans may disagree on much but we must unite around the fact that there are those in the world who want to do us harm. We can’t afford political leaders who don’t understand this reality. We will fight to defeat Hillary Clinton and every Senator who thinks gun control is the answer to a terrorist attack. 

Gun control does not keep us safe from terrorists. Calling the enemy by name and fighting against the evil doctrine they espouse is the only way to fight back.

Obama won’t even allow the FBI to use the words “sharia” or “jihad” for fear of offending our “Muslim brothers and sisters” as Obama says. Now AG Loretta Lynch said they are deleting any reference to ISIS and jihad from the 911 calls the killer made during his rampage. Hillary and Obama are literally rewriting history to deny any connection to Islamic terrorism. Have you had enough?

Click the link below and help us defeat Hillary and her politically correct ways. Your contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or any amount today goes straight into airing this ad and making Americans aware of the choice they currently face in leadership. We will air this ad in every swing state with a competitive race and we need your help today. Hillary and Obama and their friends are all over cable news blaming American gun owners for an attack committed by a terrorist. Help us tell the truth and fight back against terrorism.


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