Donald Trump is not a particularly smart person, he does however have the ability to surround himself with people that are. He also has the ability to compromise. That’s why he’s the success he is.

Mr. Obama, on the other hand, surrounds himself with agenda driven “yes men” and his idea of compromise is “it’s my way….period” He is the kind of person who would see a man drowning fifty feet from shore, throw him a thirty foot rope and then have Josh Ernest hold a White House briefing, telling everyone about how he had met him more than half way.

There were two perfect examples of how Obama surrounds himself with incompetent people. The other day Secretary of State John Kerry was giving a speech about the terrorist attack in Turkey. He is trying to be so politically correct that he couldn’t even say the word “terrorist”! Instead he used “non-state violent actors” .

Can there possibly be a more convoluted way of saying the simple word “terrorist”? But, then again, I wouldn’t expect anything less from the major architect of the Iran nuke deal. He still thinks that we got a great deal..

Yesterday I saw another perfect example of how the key players in the Obama administration are completely out of touch with reality when it comes to how things look, the optics of the situation.

Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General of the United States, the person who above all else must be above reproach, had a clandestine meeting with Bill Clinton. The husband of the woman the justice department is investigating for a whole slew of wrongdoings This occurred on the tarmac at the Phoenix, AZ airport.

Even if it was, as their spokespeople are saying, just a coincidental meeting. They should never have met together. Just the optics alone should have made either of them say, “this isn’t appropriate, we shouldn’t meet”.

Now, today, I see Loretta Lynch has said that she will recuse herself from the investigation and will let senior career prosecutors make the call on whether charges will be brought against Clinton.

That’s all well and good but I just hope the “senior career” prosecutors are more concerned with finding the truth than looking towards and protecting their retirement.


I see Loretta Lynch isn’t actually recusing herself, she’s just removing herself and still says she will follow whatever the investigators recommend.

We’ll see.

Well, I see protecting the retirement won out.



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