HRM Queen Hillary

Well, I see that Her Royal Majesty Queen Hillary or, more appropriately, King Hillary  (after all, we all know who wears the pants suit in that family), finally granted the FBI an audience.

To me 3 1/2 hours was nowhere near enough time to do a thorough interrogation of her. This is something that should have taken days, not hours.

What did they discuss? Maybe they talked about the grandkids or talked about Bill’s golf game. (Hey, it worked for AG Loretta Lynch.)

This was done only so the FBI could say they covered all the bases and did a “thorough” investigation.

In my opinion, the “fix” is in (see Loretta Lynch / Bill Clinton “clandestine” meeting) and, mark my word, she will skate, no charges will be brought against her or her cronies.

The Clintons are above the law and they know it.


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