It’s depressing

I’m sure that you can tell by my posts that I’m no Clinton fan. It is truly unfortunate that such a corrupt, dishonest family can rise to such prominent and important levels in the political system. This just shows how corrupt and “rigged” the political system has become.

The Clintons have no shame, you couldn’t embarrass them if you tried. They know they’re above the law. Anything they do will be looked at with “a wink and a nod” and with a few weeks of bad press (if that), eventually it’ll all die down and the Clinton money machine will continue on as if nothing happened, mainly because, nothing happened.

I just can’t understand how this corrupt family keeps getting away with anything and everything. The only thing I can figure is the Clinton machine has so much dirt on anybody and everybody that whatever they say goes, no questions asked. This apparently goes for the justice department too. How else could the FBI director hold a press conference to announce that there isn’t enough evidence to support charges against Hillary, using that very evidence to explain why there isn’t enough evidence?

It’s so obvious a blind man could see that the wagons have been circled to protect the Clintons.

I have no doubt that if Hillary is elected, she will head the most corrupt administration in the history of this country. There will be a big, flashing FOR SALE” sign posted at the entrance to the oval office.

The truly sad part of all this is, by the time we realize it, the damage will be done. The Clinton machine will have sold this country down the river all for their personal enrichment.

I don’t think this country can survive a Clinton administration.


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