Economics 101

I see one of Bernie’s, and now one of Hillary’s campaign “promises” is to work to get a $15.00 an hour minimum wage. I really don’t get why this has become an issue, other than vote pandering.

The big thing that everyone on the left ignores is the simple, basic fact that minimum wage jobs were never meant to be a career! They are a career path,  big difference. The original intent of minimum wage jobs was that that was looked at as a starting point. You start at the bottom, get experience, learn and start your climb up the ladder. Once you become experienced, acquire skills and gain knowledge, your responsibilities and work will also increase along with your pay.

Just because someone “wants” more money doesn’t mean they deserve more money! If you can’t live on what you make, or you have a family to support doesn’t mean you automatically deserve more money for the same minimum wage job you work at. You want more money? Put out the effort, work for it. Get an education, put in the hours, learn what it takes to get a higher paying job.

Demanding $15.00 an hour doesn’t mean the job you’re doing is worth $15.00 an hour. I see most of the people protesting are fast food workers. These people are worth $15.00 an hour? I don’t think so. How many times has your order been screwed up? All their job involves is standing there, listening to what you order and hit the buttons. They can’t even hit the right buttons! Why should they expect a big pay increase when they can’t even do that?

Another BIG thing that the left ignores is if the minimum wage is increased, that will actually cost millions of jobs. Businesses will survive, they do that by figuring ways to take in more money than they spend, that’s how they keep the doors open. As employee costs rise, businesses will look into automation and/or increasing employee work load. They will also look at outsourcing.

Business doesn’t survive by paying an employee more than the job they’re doing is worth. Having employees with the attitude that they should be able to start at the top and work their way up from there doesn’t help. Those will be the first to go when there are the inevitable cutbacks.


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