Really? I mean…REALLY?

I don’t believe it! The Dallas police department is now under fire (no pun intended) for using explosives to “neutralize” the murderer of five Dallas police officers.

The ultra-liberal left has no shame. They will use any tragedy to advance their agenda.

In my opinion, the Dallas PD did an excellent job in bringing down the A-hole. My only comment is maybe they should have used more.

I also see that Hillary, who also has absolutely no shame, is now saying white people need to “listen up”. Listen to what? Al Sharpton? Jesse Jackson? The Black Lives Matter people? Why? So she can get more votes.

Like I’ve said before, the Clintons have no shame. She will do whatever it takes to get votes. Anything and everything she says or does has to be suspect. She wouldn’t know the truth if if walked up and slapped her in the face.

A perfect example is how she claims she is all for women’s rights, how if she’s elected she’ll be a champion of women’s causes. I have two words: Bill Clinton.

How can people believe anything she says when nothing but lies and half-truths are the only thing that comes out of that big mouth of hers.

Don’t believe a word she, Bill or Chelsea says, none of them can be trusted, period!


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