I’m sad

The United States as a country no longer exists. All this once great country is now is a geographic location where a lot of people live.

Almost no one now really cares about this country. Why? Because very few people are from here. They don’t have any feelings, any ties to this country as a homeland. Their loyalties lie someplace else, not here.

It’s truly sad, how this country has degenerated, and in such a short amount of time. I remember the “good ‘ol days”, and NO!, that’s not some kind of secret code for when a bunch of exclusive, old white guys ran the county. I remember growing up in a country where you were taught to be proud of America and what it stood for. You were taught, at least I was by my parents, that the police are the good guys, they’re there to help and protect you. You respect them and listen to them. There is “right” and there is “wrong”. If you choose “wrong” you must suffer the consequences of your actions. On the Saturday morning westerns, the good guys wore white hats and always won. Idealistic? Perhaps, but isn’t that how a childhood should be?

I’ve always described my childhood as a “Leave It to Beaver” childhood, at least it was until my dad died when I was ten. Even after that, mom made it the best it could be.  My dad owned his own business (a gas station), my mom was a stay-at-home mom. The school I went to was at the end of my block. I was raised to appreciate what I had.

When the politicians campaigned, they dealt more on what they were going to do and how they were going to do it rather than the incredible cut throat, killer, negative campaigning that hallmarks all political campaigns today. Sucking up all the money they can from the mega-corps and special interests. All to sell out this once great country and all of it’s citizens. They spend just about all of the campaign telling why you shouldn’t vote for “the other guy” rather than explaining why you should vote for them.

And what depresses me more than anything else is this is all my generations fault! WE  caused this! I just don’t understand where we went wrong, How we could’ve gone so far wrong in such a short amount of time.

Like I said, I’m sad, mostly because there’s nothing I can do about it.






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