Nothing will change

If, as I sincerely  hope,  Trump wins, I firmly believe that nothing will change in DC. Why? One simple answer. Trump has made the point that he won’t be beholding to anyone or any group.

While this is true, the big “fly in the ointment” with that is he’ll still be having to deal with 535 other people who are beholding to special interest groups and the international mega-corps.

These are the people who are so determined to keep things the way they are, keeping their power and privilege in place, keep the money and perks rolling in, they will do anything to prevent Trump from winning.

And I include all  sides, the Republicans are just as guilty as the Democrats because they can see the writing on the wall as well.

They are so determined to defeat Trump that Republicans are starting to “defect” and say they will be supporting and voting for Hillary.

Why would a Republican (or anybody for that matter) vote for Hillary? The answer is quite simple and the professional politicians feel that their loyal base is too stupid to realize it and will blindly do whatever they’re told to do.

Both side of the aisle don’t want Trump elected. He will upset the status quo. This makes the professional politicos and their $upporters very, very nervous. With Trump in office, they’re very afraid that “Joe and Jane voter” will again, now, have a voice in how things are run in Washington DC. They will actually have to start listening to, and doing the will of the people. This terrifies them.

This can also be said of the lifetime bureaucrats, the ones who depend on the government to keep funding their free ride. I’m not talking about the government employees who actually work at their job, and I’m definitely not referring to the military. I’m talking about the ones who don’t really work, they have an impressive title, an impressive paycheck and way more than impressive benefits package. All they do all day is sit around trying to think of ways they can justify their job. They do this by thinking up and passing more and more burdensome, pointless regulations. Regulations that aren’t needed and do nothing other than being something a bureaucrat can point at it and say “see, this was my idea.I’m doing my job”.

These are the people who are working so hard against Trump. If he’s elected, they can see an end to their free ride and they’re going to do everything they can to prevent that.

And if Trump is elected? I’m going to say that still, nothing will change. The people that worked against Trump’s election are still there. They will do everything they can to make sure he fails as President.

The Democrats want to see him fail as a payback for what they perceive the Republicans did to Obama.  The Republicans want to see him fail because they’re trying to protect their power base, their turf, and he’s not “one of them”. He’s an outsider who wants change, and that’s the LAST   thing anyone in DC wants, change, regardless of what they preach to the choir. Plus, for the Republicans, if Hillary is elected, for at least the next four years, they have someone to blame for everything that goes wrong.





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