Well, you all know I like Donald Trump. You also know one of the things I like about him is he says what he thinks and doesn’t apologize.

Well, while I like that, I will also be the first to admit that right now Donald Trump needs to tone it down some.

We’re at a critical point in history right now, one that I believe will either make or break this country. Trump needs to, now more than ever, stay on point. He needs to stick to the talking points, keep hammering Hillary Clinton’s character (or I should say, lack of character), her habitual lying, her, and the Clinton Foundation’s dirty dealings, how, according to her, they left the White House “dead broke” but are now worth hundreds of millions of dollars while none of them really “work”. Her shady dealings while she was Secretary of State, and on and on.

It’s not like the material’s not there. She probably has more “baggage” than any other candidate in history and Trump’s campaign and the Republican party too, needs to start hammering this home. They need to start buying commercial time. The RNC needs to start backing Trump in force, not the tepid backing they’ve given him so far.

If Trump loses, it won’t be because of Trump, although that’s how the RNC would spin it. It will be because of the total lack of support Trump has received from the RNC. They’re campaigning harder for Hillary than they are for Trump. As an example (which I haven’t checked for accuracy yet) the Democrats have booked $93,000,000.00 in advertising and commercial time over the next three months. The Republicans? A completely disgusting $840,000.00 for the same time period. That’s right less than one million compared to ninety-three million. The Republicans have contracted 0.903% of the amount the Democrats have. Yeah,that’s less than one percent. Disgusting!

They are totally ignoring the will of the rank and file Republicans. For once, the people have spoken and spoken loudly, but what they’re saying isn’t what the RNC “king makers” want to hear or expect from the “loyal” base. They would rather lose than have someone elected that they won’t be able to control.





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