Open mouth, insert foot.

I’m always complaining about how the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton, et al don’t seem to grasp how the “optics” of a situation may look. Just the other day I laid into Hillary Clinton for allowing the father of the Orlando terrorist to sit on stage behind her.

You think people (i.e. the Republicans) would learn from this rather akward, inopportune moment in the campaign, but I guess they didn’t.

At the Trump rally in Sunrise, Florida Wednesday, Trump had pretty much the same situation. Seated behind him was Mark Foley. He was the congressman who resigned in disgrace after he was accused of propositioning male congressional pages.

Yeah, you could argue that wasn’t as bad as murdering 49 innocent people But crime is crime and wrong is wrong, stupid is stupid.

If they want to attend a rally, fine, they’re within their rights. But to have them invited to be up on stage, that’s just plain stupid.

On this one, both sides are equally guilty and equally stupid.


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