When did we change?

I’ve always though that “majority rules”. What I would like to know, is when did that change?

We have become so “PC conscious” that it seems like every corporation, every government branch, shakes in their boots and cowers in the corner when someone claims to be  “offended”.

When did it become acceptable and “the norm” for a single individual or a very small group of individuals to be able to dictate what they  want, and that overrides what the majority wants?

You see it all the time, especially, it seems, in school districts, both public and private. A single student, or more likely, a single students parent(s) is offended, or feels discriminated against so they go to the school board and threaten that if THEY  don’t get their way, they’ll sue. And, of course, there are any number of legal organizations more than willing to spend the time and money to sue (ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, et al, not to mention a never ending list of “bottom feeders” looking to make a name for themselves). So to avoid lengthy and expensive court battles, the school board folds like a house of cards. So now, the minority rules.

Okay, so you’re offended by “whatever” and win, a single  individual! Now I, and  five hundred or a thousand other people now must change and do what ever it is that offended you, the way you want. That just doesn’t make any sense!

What if what you’re doing offends all of us? Don’t we get a say?

Maybe we should just threaten to sue, but then, all those organizations that are more than willing to sue will be strangely silent. All you’ll hear is crickets.

No, it’s not fair and that offends me……Hmmm?


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