You Suck!

I’m referring to Colin Kaepernick, the spoiled, second string quarterback who had the unmitigated gall to disrespect the National Anthem by refusing to stand when it was being played.

Here is a little rich kid who does not deserve the attention he’s been getting. He’s one of those people who should be kissing this countries ass in thanks for what he’s gotten. In what other country could you be paid several million dollars to be a bench warmer?

And Mr. Obama, the “A hole-in-chief” should, at minimum, be scolding Kaepernick, not praising him. This is just another show of the contempt Mr. Obama has for this country.

I just wish people like Kaepernick could be forced to live for a year in one of those God forsaken countries in Africa, or in India, Pakistan, Iraq or Afghanistan. Maybe then he and people like him would realize just how good they do have it here and just how great this country truly is.

Like I said in the title, Kaepernick, YOU SUCK!!


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