Wow, it’s been a month since I posted anything. I must be losing my edge.

Today I want to rant, err, discuss two subjects.

The first is the major political parties and how they view their constituents.

The one I have the biggest gripe with right now is the Republican Party and how they and the Republican “power elite” are treating the Republican candidate (yes, Donald Trump).

The problem is, at first, they thought Trump was a “joke” and treated him accordingly. After all, he isn’t who “they” wanted, but if he wants to run, go ahead, let him. He won’t get anywhere. He has no support, he’s not who “WE” want. The rank and file Republicans will never support him because we will tell them not to.

Then he started to get a little traction. This was unexpected by the power elite, they weren’t sure how to react. This confused them, “How can this be happening? We’re telling our base he’s a joke and they’re not listening!”.

What they didn’t realize is their “loyal base” the voters who vote for the Republican candidate they’re told to are starting to wise up. They have realized that what works just fine for the power elite isn’t working for them. This has started a revolt of sorts. The higher ups in the Republican Party have seen the revolt and are doing everything they can to prevent Trump from winning. They’re trying not to be too obvious about it but I’m sure you’ve seen the parade of well connected Republicans who  “have to vote my conscience” and openly support and endorse Hillary.

These people are liars and hypocrites. They’re not voting their “conscience”, they’re voting for their wallet and power.

At least the Republican voters are starting to wake up to a strong dose of reality, politics as usual doesn’t work any more except for they few at the very top, the political 1%.

While the Republican rank and file are starting to wake up, apparently the Democrats have not. Although this isn’t totally unexpected, after all the Democratic rank and file are pretty much comfortable with receiving all kinds of “free stuff” from the government. This is how they get elected, they are “legally” buying votes. And your average, run of the mill lowlife doesn’t care about what happens to this country, just so long as they continue to get the government handouts.

How else can you explain why anyone would willingly vote for Hillary, that lying, self-centered, egocentric, sociopathic chameleon. There is not an honest bone in her, or any Cliton’s body.

If she’s elected, there will be a gigantic, flashing, “FOR SALE” sign at the entrance to the oval office.

Enough of that, now, on to my second rant, celebrity endorsements.

You know, this is something I have never been able to understand, and if there is someone out there who does get it, PLEASE, enlighten me.

Why, just because someone might be good at acting, singing, athletics, etc., why would they automatically be considered political experts. I can kinda understand the celebrity commercial endorsements, after all, they’re being paid to promote whatever product they are trying to sell. Still don’t get why people listen though.

But when it comes to politics, there is practically no celebrity I would listen to to get advice on whom I should support. Most celebrities are EXTREME left liberals who really don’t do a lot to earn massive amounts of money. A lot of them have the intelligence of a light bulb, a burned out one at that. They couldn’t tell you what time it is unless someone was there to tell them what to say. They are famous for being famous, nothing else. Yet these are people who feel they know what’s best for you better than you do.

And people buy into this facade. Remember, most of them come from Hollywood. News flash: Everything in Hollywood is FAKE, even the people. So they think I should be getting my political advice from them? Ain’t gonna happen.

Too bad there are millions of people out there who are incapable of getting past the “star power” and make their own, rational, judgement of what’s best for the country. (HINT, it’s NOT giving away more and more free stuff and leaving the borders wide open and unprotected!).

I’ll get off my soap box now.


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