Oh, Hillary

Today, commenting on Donald Trump’s “supposed” tax returns, Hillary said “What kind of a genius loses a billion dollars?” Well, Hillary, here’s a more important question, what kind of a genius loses six billion dollars? I ask this because according to the GAO (Government Accounting Office), the State Department, under Hillary Clinton’s leadership, lost or couldn’t account for over six billion dollars sent to the middle east (maybe it “accidentally” ended up in Iran, who knows?).

But, I guess that money isn’t important. It wasn’t her money, it was just taxpayer’s money, no biggie. No skin off her nose.

The billion from Trump however, was his money. It was loans that he had personally guaranteed and had to pay back when the investment failed.

That brings up another point. Hillary (and a lot of other people) have roundly criticized Trump for supposedly paying no income tax (no one has seen the returns, this is all media speculation). IF that’s true, that does not mean he broke any laws! If its true, the fact he didn’t pay any income tax is the sign of a smart, shrewd businessman. Taking advantage of the tax laws is perfectly legal and the smart thing to do.

Plus, Hillary has a lot of nerve. She and Bill both took advantage of the SAME tax laws as Trump, the fact that they had to pay taxes shows that they aren’t all that “savvy” and should hire more qualified tax consultants.


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