Time is getting near

Well, it’s what, three weeks to the election?

On the Democratic side, it appears that they are starting to get more violent. Yesterday the Republican headquarters in Hillsborough, NC was firebombed. I would like to think this was done out of Democratic desperation, but I think it was done out of Democratic arrogance. Freedom of speech stops at the point where they disagree with you.

It’s very unfortunate, but this is what Hillary supporters stand for. Everything is fine…until you disagree with them. They will do whatever it takes to win.

This has been the Clinton playbook from day one. Their attitude is “do whatever it takes to get what I want” and worry (or not) about the “legalities” later, usually after they can’t be ignored any longer.

I have never seen a “family” that, “collectively” thumb their noses at everything you and I, as ordinary people, have to do, the rules and laws that we must live by. The Clintons have always felt and acted as if they are above the law. Laws are for “little people” not them. And, so far, they have been right. Scandal after scandal, broken law after broken law, the Clintons have always skated and gotten away with it.

I just hope that one, Trump is elected, and two, he does go after Hillary and the rest of her gang.

Like I’ve said before, if Hillary is elected, there will be a big, flashing “FOR SALE” sign posted at the door of the oval office. I would say that there will also be a credit card swiper at the door too, but the Clintons are too smart for that…cash only!

One last thing, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. GET OUT AND VOTE!! I doubt there’s been a previous election where the outcome is so important! Nothing less than the survival of the country is at stake! I’m not being melodramatic either.

I would sincerely hope that you vote for Donald Trump, but regardless, get out and vote.


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