Think About It

Okay, all of you Hillary supporters, think about this for a minute. Think about all of the people who are against Trump: The power brokers in D.C., the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, most of the one per centers, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, most of corporate America, the Waltons (owners of controlling interest in Wal-Mart), Bershire-Hathaway, Yelp, AT&T, et al .  ALL of these people are very, very wealthy, many of them are billionaires. With the exception of the Hollywood actors/actresses who are, for the most part, stupid when it comes to handling their money, they are incredibly smart with handling and investing their wealth. Ask yourself this one question, why are they so for Hillary and against Trump?

It should be obvious, these people didn’t get rich by being careless with their planning or their investing. These people want Hillary elected because they know she can be bought. As one of the one per centers herself and a long, long, history of only caring about what she wants, they all know she will do what’s best for “her”, not what’s best for the country.

Because she will do what’s best for “her”, they will all benefit. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a loose cannon. They are extremely scared because they can’t get a handle on how he’s going to run the country and this terrifies them.


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