The 2nd Amendment and Hillary

As someone who’s read this blog, you know, while personally I don’t like guns and don’t have any use for them, I also have absolutely no problem with someone else owning them. It’s a free (at least for now) country and if that’s what they want, fine, I have no problem with that.

I was watching the final debate when the question was asked to Hillary about the second amendment. Her response was she backs the second amendment but thinks we need “reasonable” controls, comprehensive background checks (what about background checks on all the illegal aliens flooding across the borders?) and closing the gun show loophole (which does not exist!). All this “sounds” good.

The entire time I was listening to this load of crap I kept thinking one thing. Remember what she said about having to have a “public” and a “private” position on a subject.

Believe me, all you NRA’ers out there, her “private” position on the second amendment is to get rid of it, regardless of what that fake, smiling face is telling you in public.


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