What a Difference a Day Makes

In my last post the day before yesterday, I said that it was all over for me because I’ve voted. While that’s true, it just amazes me what a difference a day makes.

Yesterday the FBI said they were reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s E-mails.

I was watching her on TV “commenting” on the news, I say “commenting” because it definitely not a press conference, she read a prepared statement and left, taking “zero” questions from the press corps assembled.

I think, in her entitled arrogance, she believes that this is no big deal, it will blow over and she will be able to (1) lie her way out again and (2) all her handlers and underlings will clean up the mess, just like they’ve done in the past.

I hope (1) Donald Trump is elected, and (2) he tells the justice department to lay off Julian Assange.


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