Props Where Props Are Due

I have to give props to FBI director James Comey. Right now he’s in a no-win situation, the classic “between a rock and a hard place”.

He’s re-opened the investigation into Hillary’s E-mails and he notified congress. Regardless of what Hillary’s “people” are saying, he notified both Republicans and Democrats. Her people have insinuated that only the Republicans were notified and it was the Republicans that “leaked” the report.

Both sides of the aisle were notified and who leaked the report is strictly conjecture and guessing. Of course Hillary’s people are screaming it was the Republicans and in all honesty, they’re probably right but this is all a distraction from the facts, something that the Democratic “spin-masters” are expert at.

James Comey got a lot of heat for the initial investigation of Hillary Clinton and her E-mail scandal. I was one of them, I think he was basically trying put lipstick on a pig of an investigation and didn’t have very many, if any, options. It was blindingly obvious that the administration wasn’t going to allow the investigation to be complete (remember the Loretta Lynch/ Bill Clinton clandestine tarmac meeting?).

So now new E-mails popped up he had a choice, keep quiet until after the election and then be roundly criticized for “hiding the facts” and trying to influence the election, or notify Congress, probably suspecting that it’ll be leaked, and being roundly criticized for exposing the facts and, you guessed it, trying to influence the election.

Like I said, I don’t envy him right now, he’s in an untenable position. Either way he decided, half the country will scream and holler. Supposedly Loretta Lynch is furious at him right now. I would be too if I was her.

I figure James Comey figures he’s only got a couple of months left so screw it. Politics be damned, he’s going to let America know a little more about what a piece of crap the Clintons are. He’s pulled back the curtain a little more, further exposing the wizard behind the curtain.

I congratulate James Comey for making the difficult, right decision.


November 6, 2016

Looks like I’ll have to eat my words.

It was just released, Comey says there’s nothing there. Either he’s a sell-out, or someone got to him some way.

I take back my compliments, and eat my words.


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