Congratulations…Now, We’re Watching

I would like to congratulate Donald Trump on a hard fought, difficult win!

Now that that’s over, starting January 20, 2017, Trump needs to jump in feet first. He has the tremendous advantage of a Republican controlled House and Senate. This may or may not be an advantage for him, It depends on how the rank and file members now view Trump. There are an awful lot of them who didn’t support him from the beginning and I’m sure there are quite a few who, 1) Can’t believe what’s happened, and 2) Still don’t like him.

All I can say to them is “get over it”, he won, whether you like it or not. It’s time to put all of this behind you and start actually working for the good of the country.

And to Donald Trump, congratulations on the victory. Now get to work, you have a lot of hard work ahead of you. Let’s see if you will live up to all of the hype.

I’ll be watching (not that that would make a difference).


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