Gruhub Sucks!

I can’t believe all the protests going on, well, I can actually believe it because that’s how the liberal left behaves. It’s all fine and good…until you don’t agree with them, then it’s attack, attack, attack! It’s probably all caused by professional, paid protestors.

They’re running around shouting (among other things) “Trumps not my president!” Well, Obama was never my president, so we’re even.

The difference is I didn’t go around tearing things up to try and prove my point.

I also see that Grubhub president Matt Maloney has a very over-inflated opinion of himself. He has basically told his employees that if they supported Trump, they need to leave.

Well, this is an E-mail I wrote to Mr. Maloney letting him know my opinion of him.

Mr. Maloney,
As a former customer of Grubhub, I am speechless and shocked at your punitive and unilateral retaliation against your employees for supporting Donald Trump.
These people are exercising there constitutionally guaranteed right and you have absolutely no place in punishing them for voicing an opinion that doesn’t fall in line with your own view.
You are as arrogant and misogynistic as you claim Mr. Trump to be.
Yes, I support and voted for Mr. Trump. He is a much better choice than the lying, “it’s all about me, I’m owed this”, Hillary Clinton.
You don’t understand how anyone could vote for Trump? I don’t understand how you, or anyone else could vote for Clinton!
I have no problem with a woman being President, there are several that would make excellent Presidents, Hillary Clinton is not one of them.
This shows that you have very poor judgement, and add to that your uncalled for and illegal retribution against your employees shows that you have absolutely no understanding what “free speech” means. It’s obvious that you, like most other liberals feel that the right to free speech ends when you disagree.
I, for one, will never do business with Grubhub again. I am sure there are many more who share my opinion.
With your attitude, your business will take a nose-dive into the ground and all I can say is “good riddance”.
You, and other people like you, who claim to want openness and diversity, freedom of expression, only want it on your terms. No one else is permitted to disagree.
You, and people like you, are a big reason this country is in such a bad place today. You preach “diversity”, what’s wrong with “unity”?
I will be sitting in the bleachers when your company has to file bankruptcy and gets dissolved into the nothingness it deserves.

Will it do any good? Accomplish anything? I doubt it, he’ll probably never even see it, but I don’t care. If enough people voice their objections by using their pocket book, Grubhub will cease to exist and that’s just fine by me.


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