Blame Shifting

I like how, now that the election is over, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party are pointing fingers at who’s “fault” the loss is.

Of course they’re all blaming FBI director James Comey because of those two letters he sent to congress.

If two pieces of paper can bring down an entire presidential campaign, then the candidate must not of been a very good one to begin with.

The fact that they had a totally unlikable candidate that had serious, serious, honesty issues. The fact that she came into the campaign with this incredibly dark cloud of scandal after scandal that hung over her and followed her around like a lost puppy, the fact that carried with her more baggage than you could pack into the Titanic. None of that had anything to do with her loss, it was Comey’s letters that did it.

This is like the Benghazi hearings, deny the truth, deny the obvious, deny, deny, deny, and eventually it will all blow over and go away.

Not this time Hillary, not this time.

You lost because of you. It’s no one else’s “fault”.


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