Well, Now We’ll See

You know, the real truth will emerge.

Now that Hillary and Bill have no real power left in DC, it should be very easy to see just how corrupt they are.

All of these “donations” to the Clinton Foundation. If it’s like “they” say, all these multi-million dollar donations will continue to pour into the Foundation’s coffers.

However, if it was a “play for pay” deal as thousands upon thousands of people suspect, the vast majority of these “donations” will magically disappear. That along with all of those quarter million dollar, 20 minute long speeches to Wall St., those will dry up too.

Sure there will continue to be donations from people/governments. Some out there still believe that this is a legitimate charity with lofty goals, and will continue to donate for genuinely philanthropic reasons.

But the cash cow has been sent to slaughter. When there’s nothing in it for them, people will soon abandon the now impotent foundation.


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