Right Back At Ya!

You know, just a few weeks ago when Mr. Trump was asked if he would accept the election results and he answered “We’ll see.” Remember how the left went nuts saying that that would cause a constitutional crisis and basically, he couldn’t do that. He has to accept the results. After all, it’s the will of the people.

Well, Right back at ya, liberals!  Now that (for them) the unthinkable has happened, they are the ones hollering UNFAIR! We were cheated! It wasn’t supposed to go this way! How could this be?! All the polls were wrong! I don’t understand! WA WA WAAAAAA!!!.

It’s time for YOU to suck it up and accept the results. Yes, Trump won the Electoral College and yes, Hillary won the popular vote. But guess what, it’s the Electoral College that elects the President, not the popular vote. It has been that way since the very first election. You can’t say you weren’t aware of it.

Now I see you’re trying to get some of the electors to change their votes so Trump doesn’t win. So, who now is wanting to cause a constitutional crisis?

So, just like usual, the liberal left, you didn’t get your way, so now you say the process (that’s nearly 250 years old!) is flawed and needs to be changed to something that’s more “fair”.

SUCK IT UP LIBERALS! You lost, accept it and move on.


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