Colin Kaepernick, HYPOCRITE!

I think that it’s very interesting the hypocrisy that these “famous”  display.

Remember when it was all over the news about how Colin Kaepernick was protesting black injustices and did that by showing a great deal of disrespect during the playing of the “Star Spangled Banner” at games. And remember, just this past week, how the cast of “Hamilton” displayed disrespect  with the vice-president elect Mike Pense in the audience, giving a speech on, basically, how they don’t like the way things went with the election.

What gets me is the utter, absolute hypocrisy these people displayed. They DIDN’T VOTE!!

That, to me, is the absolute hallmark of hypocrisy. You whine and cry and scream and “protest” yet you won’t even become part of the process.

You have a lot of gall and a lot of nerve. You’re spineless and “all talk”. You have zero credibility and don’t deserve the free publicity that you’ve received.

When you get off your lazy, whinny ass and actually vote, maybe even help campaign for something that you (supposedly) believe in, then you get a say in how this country is run. Until then “SHUT UP!


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