Funny How That Works

I was reading an article in “New York Magazine” about the election results. In it they  are talking about a group of people that it only identifies as “a group of election lawyers and computer scientists” are asking Hillary Clinton to demand a recount.

Apparently the votes tallied didn’t agree with what they thought they should be. It appears that in rural areas of Wisconsin, Trump did better than the “experts” said he should but Hillary did better in urban areas. Coincidentally,  electronic voting machines were used in rural areas. They admit they have no proof of tampering, I guess just a gut feeling.

Personally, I think the vote count is accurate, the “rural” areas a just smarter than the “urban” (read “ghetto”)  areas and didn’t fall for the promise of “free stuff” in an effort to legally buy votes.

They’re saying the same thing about Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The one comment I would like to make. Why, when you asked Trump if he would accept the election results, and he said “we’ll see”, all of the media and #nevertrump people when absolutely apoplectic! Demanding that he abide by the results. And now that the shoe is so totally, unexpectedly, on the other foot, you can’t seem to live by your own demands.

YOU LOST!!  Get over it, get over the drama. Why don’t you use some of that “indignant” energy you have so much of and work to actually improve the country.

Like it or not, Mr. Trump will work to improve every American’s life, even yours.


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