I Can’t Picture Hillary…

Congratulations to Donald Trump and Mike Pense for getting Carrier to keep 1,000 jobs in this country instead of shipping all of them to Mexico.

You know, there’s no doubt in my mind, NONE! that if Hillary had been elected, these jobs would still be headed to Mexico.

Not only would she not have done anything to stop it, it never would have occurred to her to even try to do anything.

The warped way she looks at the world, and her constituents, is “Okay, now I’m President, I got what I want and was owed to me, I don’t need you or your votes anymore so screw you and your pathetic “little people” lives. So you lost your job. At this point, what does it matter, get over it and leave me the hell alone!”

Big difference between Hillary and Donald Trump, her ego won’t allow her to even think about actually caring about people. Donald Trump’s ego won’t allow him to fail.

As a side note, I guess the Democratic Party is happy being a loser.

With all the loses and outright rejection of their leadership, Nancy Pelosi was reelected as minority house leader. At least that A-hole Harry Reid is gone.


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