What’s The Difference?

You know, the last few days I’ve been watching the latest wailings of the “butt-hurt” liberal left, the rulings elites, the globalists, and just plain Democrats about Trump winning.

Now, it’s the Russians fault. They’ve tried to influence the outcome of the election by hacking into the DNC and exposing their E-mails for all the world to see.

One thing, not one person has said that these E-mails weren’t real, that they were fake or phony. All they are whining about is how they were obtained by Wikileaks.That they were “stolen” , “allegedly” by hackers from the Russian government, all for the purpose of getting Donald Trump elected.

Okay all of you “media elites”, I ask you, what difference is there between what the Russian government allegedly did and what you obviously  did?

You “say” the Russians tried to influence the outcome of the election in favor of Trump. Well that the exact same thing you did. Almost the entire American media conspired to sway the American voter in favor of Hillary. You were so obvious, a blind man could see it.

So I ask, what’s the difference between you did and what you say the Russians did? The answer is simple, nothing. You’re a pot calling the kettle black.


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