Funny How That Works

I was reading an article in “New York Magazine” about the election results. In it they  are talking about a group of people that it only identifies as “a group of election lawyers and computer scientists” are asking Hillary Clinton to demand a recount.

Apparently the votes tallied didn’t agree with what they thought they should be. It appears that in rural areas of Wisconsin, Trump did better than the “experts” said he should but Hillary did better in urban areas. Coincidentally,  electronic voting machines were used in rural areas. They admit they have no proof of tampering, I guess just a gut feeling.

Personally, I think the vote count is accurate, the “rural” areas a just smarter than the “urban” (read “ghetto”)  areas and didn’t fall for the promise of “free stuff” in an effort to legally buy votes.

They’re saying the same thing about Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The one comment I would like to make. Why, when you asked Trump if he would accept the election results, and he said “we’ll see”, all of the media and #nevertrump people when absolutely apoplectic! Demanding that he abide by the results. And now that the shoe is so totally, unexpectedly, on the other foot, you can’t seem to live by your own demands.

YOU LOST!!  Get over it, get over the drama. Why don’t you use some of that “indignant” energy you have so much of and work to actually improve the country.

Like it or not, Mr. Trump will work to improve every American’s life, even yours.


Colin Kaepernick, HYPOCRITE!

I think that it’s very interesting the hypocrisy that these “famous”  display.

Remember when it was all over the news about how Colin Kaepernick was protesting black injustices and did that by showing a great deal of disrespect during the playing of the “Star Spangled Banner” at games. And remember, just this past week, how the cast of “Hamilton” displayed disrespect  with the vice-president elect Mike Pense in the audience, giving a speech on, basically, how they don’t like the way things went with the election.

What gets me is the utter, absolute hypocrisy these people displayed. They DIDN’T VOTE!!

That, to me, is the absolute hallmark of hypocrisy. You whine and cry and scream and “protest” yet you won’t even become part of the process.

You have a lot of gall and a lot of nerve. You’re spineless and “all talk”. You have zero credibility and don’t deserve the free publicity that you’ve received.

When you get off your lazy, whinny ass and actually vote, maybe even help campaign for something that you (supposedly) believe in, then you get a say in how this country is run. Until then “SHUT UP!

Right Back At Ya!

You know, just a few weeks ago when Mr. Trump was asked if he would accept the election results and he answered “We’ll see.” Remember how the left went nuts saying that that would cause a constitutional crisis and basically, he couldn’t do that. He has to accept the results. After all, it’s the will of the people.

Well, Right back at ya, liberals!  Now that (for them) the unthinkable has happened, they are the ones hollering UNFAIR! We were cheated! It wasn’t supposed to go this way! How could this be?! All the polls were wrong! I don’t understand! WA WA WAAAAAA!!!.

It’s time for YOU to suck it up and accept the results. Yes, Trump won the Electoral College and yes, Hillary won the popular vote. But guess what, it’s the Electoral College that elects the President, not the popular vote. It has been that way since the very first election. You can’t say you weren’t aware of it.

Now I see you’re trying to get some of the electors to change their votes so Trump doesn’t win. So, who now is wanting to cause a constitutional crisis?

So, just like usual, the liberal left, you didn’t get your way, so now you say the process (that’s nearly 250 years old!) is flawed and needs to be changed to something that’s more “fair”.

SUCK IT UP LIBERALS! You lost, accept it and move on.

Well, Now We’ll See

You know, the real truth will emerge.

Now that Hillary and Bill have no real power left in DC, it should be very easy to see just how corrupt they are.

All of these “donations” to the Clinton Foundation. If it’s like “they” say, all these multi-million dollar donations will continue to pour into the Foundation’s coffers.

However, if it was a “play for pay” deal as thousands upon thousands of people suspect, the vast majority of these “donations” will magically disappear. That along with all of those quarter million dollar, 20 minute long speeches to Wall St., those will dry up too.

Sure there will continue to be donations from people/governments. Some out there still believe that this is a legitimate charity with lofty goals, and will continue to donate for genuinely philanthropic reasons.

But the cash cow has been sent to slaughter. When there’s nothing in it for them, people will soon abandon the now impotent foundation.

Something Else They Should Do

The Hillary camp and the DNC are busy blaming others for their troubles. Instead of trying to “blame shift”, they should be doing something to reign in their out of control disciples, you know, the ones who are out there rioting and destroying other peoples property.

I know it’s other people’s property because these losers don’t have anything of their own.

What I want to know is where is the Clinton machine now? What about Obama, the DNC chairman? All of these outspoken Hollywood elite?

Why aren’t they out there telling their minions to cool it. It’s been three days now and everyone is dead silent. They’re willing to sit silently on the sidelines and let this play out on it’s own.

When Obama was elected, millions of people were disappointed, when he was reelected, millions more were again disappointed. I didn’t see a single demonstration, let alone full blown riot. Why? Because that’s not what conservatives do. You’re entitled to disagree and voice your opinion, just not violently.

Liberals, on the other hand, are like a bunch of spoiled brats. They don’t get their way and boom! Lets riot.

You can say absolutely anything you want…as long as you don’t disagree with them.

We gave Obama a chance, they should extend the same courtesy to Mr. Trump.

Blame Shifting

I like how, now that the election is over, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party are pointing fingers at who’s “fault” the loss is.

Of course they’re all blaming FBI director James Comey because of those two letters he sent to congress.

If two pieces of paper can bring down an entire presidential campaign, then the candidate must not of been a very good one to begin with.

The fact that they had a totally unlikable candidate that had serious, serious, honesty issues. The fact that she came into the campaign with this incredibly dark cloud of scandal after scandal that hung over her and followed her around like a lost puppy, the fact that carried with her more baggage than you could pack into the Titanic. None of that had anything to do with her loss, it was Comey’s letters that did it.

This is like the Benghazi hearings, deny the truth, deny the obvious, deny, deny, deny, and eventually it will all blow over and go away.

Not this time Hillary, not this time.

You lost because of you. It’s no one else’s “fault”.

Gruhub Sucks!

I can’t believe all the protests going on, well, I can actually believe it because that’s how the liberal left behaves. It’s all fine and good…until you don’t agree with them, then it’s attack, attack, attack! It’s probably all caused by professional, paid protestors.

They’re running around shouting (among other things) “Trumps not my president!” Well, Obama was never my president, so we’re even.

The difference is I didn’t go around tearing things up to try and prove my point.

I also see that Grubhub president Matt Maloney has a very over-inflated opinion of himself. He has basically told his employees that if they supported Trump, they need to leave.

Well, this is an E-mail I wrote to Mr. Maloney letting him know my opinion of him.

Mr. Maloney,
As a former customer of Grubhub, I am speechless and shocked at your punitive and unilateral retaliation against your employees for supporting Donald Trump.
These people are exercising there constitutionally guaranteed right and you have absolutely no place in punishing them for voicing an opinion that doesn’t fall in line with your own view.
You are as arrogant and misogynistic as you claim Mr. Trump to be.
Yes, I support and voted for Mr. Trump. He is a much better choice than the lying, “it’s all about me, I’m owed this”, Hillary Clinton.
You don’t understand how anyone could vote for Trump? I don’t understand how you, or anyone else could vote for Clinton!
I have no problem with a woman being President, there are several that would make excellent Presidents, Hillary Clinton is not one of them.
This shows that you have very poor judgement, and add to that your uncalled for and illegal retribution against your employees shows that you have absolutely no understanding what “free speech” means. It’s obvious that you, like most other liberals feel that the right to free speech ends when you disagree.
I, for one, will never do business with Grubhub again. I am sure there are many more who share my opinion.
With your attitude, your business will take a nose-dive into the ground and all I can say is “good riddance”.
You, and other people like you, who claim to want openness and diversity, freedom of expression, only want it on your terms. No one else is permitted to disagree.
You, and people like you, are a big reason this country is in such a bad place today. You preach “diversity”, what’s wrong with “unity”?
I will be sitting in the bleachers when your company has to file bankruptcy and gets dissolved into the nothingness it deserves.

Will it do any good? Accomplish anything? I doubt it, he’ll probably never even see it, but I don’t care. If enough people voice their objections by using their pocket book, Grubhub will cease to exist and that’s just fine by me.